Connecting with new customers, or even reaching out to existing ones, can be a challenge. Have you ever thought that getting the word out about the latest Herbalife24® products would be much easier if you could have a professional athlete’s endorsement to help you promote it?

In case you didn’t realize it, we’re happy to let you know that you do.

Take advantage of Herbalife Nutrition Sports & Sponsorships to reach out to potential new customers with product testimonials, social media shareables and more from our rosters of top-level, professional athletes.

To illustrate that point, here’s a statistic that should grab your attention: 75% of people who have seen an athletic sponsorship will purchase in the future.*

Herbalife Nutrition Sponsored Athletes come from nearly every corner of the sports world, including world-class triathlete Heather Jackson, pro football standout Carter Coughlin and the five-time MLS Champion LA Galaxy.

Herbalife Nutrition has also partnered with Proactive Sports and Impact Basketball, two of the most highly regarded athletic training facilities in the United States, to provide sports nutrition products and training to the next generation of football and basketball superstars.

Each of these sponsored athletes and teams is a great way to start a conversation with customers and talk about the products.

  • “Are you a soccer fan? Did you know that the LA Galaxy and Sporting Kansas City both use Herbalife Nutrition products before, during and after training and games?”
  • “You like football? Carter Coughlin, the New York linebacker, is a huge fan of Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength Strawberry Shortcake.”
  • “Did you know Cristiano Ronaldo helped develop Herbalife24® CR7 Drive? It’s even named after him.”
  • “Are you following the NCAA Tournament? A lot of the players will be getting ready for the draft at Impact Basketball. They train exclusively with Herbalife24® products there.”

Even customers who aren’t necessarily sports fans can benefit from Herbalife24® products.

  • “These products aren’t just for elite athletes. If you’re doing anything that raises your heart rate, whether it’s a brisk walk, shooting baskets in the driveway or even raking leaves, sports nutrition is for you!”

Visit our exclusive interactive experience to learn more about Sports & Sponsorships and how you can use them to help expand your customer base and grow your business. Be sure to enter your GoHerbalife site information before sharing to make it easier for your customers to order from you.


*Source: Brand Tracking Study 2019